Award ceremony and fair in Poznań (Poland)


As we have already reported, we were present at the POL-ECO environmental fair in Poznan (Poland). We were met with great interest and were able to meet great people.

Messestand T.Werk - SolarMax - Soluxtec


At the beginning of the fair our responsible person for Poland, Mrs. Natalia Morzyc, received the renowned MTP Award for our TRITON mounting system.

Preisverleihung MTP-Award für T.Werk mit Natalia Morzyc

We are very pleased with this award, because quality and price-performance-time efficiency were the main criteria in the evaluation.


Umweltminister von Polen: Henryk Kowalczyk

The prominent previous speaker at the award ceremony was the Polish Minister of the Environment Henryk Kowalczyk.