TÜV Certification

TÜV Certification in the area of application Development, Trade and distribution of Mounting Systems for Solar Power Plants and Solar Generators.

Checklist roof system

Please note: Specify module installation plan and/or roof dimensions of the building, ventilators, chimneys, skylights and similar. Measure interfering objects!

SILENOS ground mounting system

The Silenos outdoor mounting system is a 1-post pile-driving system in which 2 modules are mounted on edge on top of each other as standard. The Silenos system is characterized by its outstanding ease of installation as well as its excellent quality and price-performance ratio.

Aluminium profiles
  • All profiles are extruded from the alloy EN AW 6063 T66
  • The static values and widths, please take off our static tables
  • Standard length: 6.000 mm. Optional length available for all profiles
  • Implementation of customized special profiles on request
CHRONOS click system

Innovative design, easy handling and flexibility features of the new mounting system of T.Werk GmbH. The installation is very simple. The rail will be clicked on the pre-assembled roof connection adapters (eg on roof hooks), a positioning module, click in pre-assembled clamping adapter and tighten the screw, done.

CHRONOS trapezoidal system

Innovative design, easy handling and flexibility features of the new mounting system of T.Werk GmbH. The installation is very simple. Pre-drilled mount rail short pieces on the trapezoidal sheet metal with special thin sheet metal screws without cutting, position the module, click in pre-assembled clamp adapter, tighten the screw, done. No rivets, drilling, sawing and consuming threading screws.

TRITON flat roof mounting system

The aerodynamic TRITON mounting system is an innovative PV mounting system for the use on all flat roofs, whether this is film, bitumen, gravel, green, or trapezoidal sheet roofs. With the TRITON elevation system, which works without roof penetrations, PV modules are safe, easily assembled in no time. Due to the high degree of preassembly, and the modular system, both assembly time and assembly costs are reduced considerably.

Zelos mounting system

With various adjustment and profile connection options, the Zelos mounting system primarily scores with its adaptation to local conditions during installation. Flexibility is provided by the variable roof hook Zelos ALU VAR and the Zelos profile with its multiple channels.

12 years warranty

We guarantee that our components will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 12 years from the date of sale from T.Werk GmbH, provided that they are handled and assembled properly and under normal conditions of use, operation and maintenance.

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