Rail system for pitched roofs


The CHRONOS Click mounting system is used for mounting a photovoltaic system on sloping roofs of all types (rafter/ purlin roof; roof tiles/tiles, plain tile roofing, slate tiles, trapezoidal sheet metal, seam roofing, sandwich elements, fibre cement panels). Depending on the roof, the roof is attached with hanger bolts, roof hooks and clamps. An adapter plate, pre-assembled with a CHRONOS attachment, allows for easy connection of the rail system. The great strength of the mounting system is the Click system. Clicking the 3.2 m and 5.3 m CHRONOS Click profiles into the CHRONOS adapters guarantees simple and quick installation. The modules are mounted crosswise or upright parallel to the roof. Adapted to this, the system structure is single-layer or double-layer cross-laminated.

The mounting system is supplemented by a project-specific wind suction calculation as proof of stability.


CHRONOS Click mounting system product data sheet