Innovative click system for pitched roofs.


The Click System for pitched roofs with all types of roofing.

We have the suitable roof fasteners for all of them. Our rail system is mutually compatible. High stability and minimal use of small parts for attachment characterize our mounting system.

We will be delighted to elaborate special solutions for you.

The CHRONOS CLICK system is ideal for all pitched roofs. Once the roof connectors are in place, the rails are simply clicked in from above. The module is positioned, the middle clamp with adapter is clicked in from above, pushed onto the module and screwed tight. The end clamp is inserted at the bottom of the module frame, the adapter with screw is clicked in, screw tightened, and that is it!

Elevation for Pitched Roofs:

  • Elevations with aluminium L-profiles are supplied pre-assembled and screwed to size.
    All inclinations realizable.
  • Mounting on all base tracks with cheese head screws and T-nuts parallel to the track, tilted or crosswise possible.
  • Direct mounting on roof hooks, clamps and hanger bolts possible.
    With crosswise module mounting, the modules can be mounted on the elevations directly.
  • With vertical arrangement of the modules, the modules are attached using the TW1-42/45 base track or the CHRONOS CLICK profile.


CHRONOS Click System

Innovative design, easy handling and flexibility features of the new mounting system of T.Werk GmbH. The installation is very simple. The rail will be clicked on the pre-assembled roof connection adapters (eg on roof hooks), a positioning module, click in pre-assembled clamping adapter and tighten the screw, done.