short rail system for trapezoidal sheet metal roofs.


The mounting system CHRONOS trapezoidal sheet metal short pieces is used for mounting a photovoltaic system on trapezoidal sheet metal roofs of all types (minimum thickness steel: 0.5 mm; minimum thickness aluminium 0.6 mm; minimum width of the high bead 15 mm). The modules are mounted crosswise or on edge parallel to the roof. The mounting system is installed either with 120 mm long CHRONOS trapezoidal sheet short pieces in the squat beading or by means of 267 mm long (87 –
207 mm) or 393 mm long (213 – 333 mm) short pieces at right angles to the vertical corrugation.

The universally pre-punched short pieces make installation simple, fast and cost-effective with maximum flexibility. Assembly is carried out by screwing using self-tapping thin sheet metal screws approved by the building authorities.

To ensure stability, a project-specific wind suction calculation supplements the assembly system.

CHRONOS Trapezoidal system product data sheet