Ground Mounting System


The SILENOS ground-mounted mounting system is used to mount a photovoltaic system on all soils in the ground. Depending on the local conditions, the mounting system is designed as a pile-driving system, a system for setting in concrete or a system for dowelling onto strip foundations. While a distinction is made between single and two-post systems for the pile-driving system, only the two-post system is used for the other system variants. The assembly system is designed with C-profiles. Only the dowel system is realised with square profiles. In addition to mounting on foundations on the ground, this can also be implemented on a 40” container as a container system.

The arrangement of the modules is possible with 2 or 3 modules upright as well as 4, 5 or 6 modules crosswise on top of each other. The modules are inclined between 15° and 25° (special solutions possible). The size of the module tables is customised to the module occupancy area. End tables are provided with defined thermal expansion interruptions. There are no requirements regarding the module itself. The hole pattern of the module support rails and crossbars is manufactured project-specifically. The modules are clamped on the long side of the module. Approval from the module manufacturer is not required. Optionally, the mounting system can be earthed.

The SILENOS ground-mounted system is characterised by a simple, low-maintenance system structure as well as flexible adjustment and levelling options, even on difficult and hilly terrain. Drilling work is not necessary with this system. In addition, a cable duct integrated into the module support rail reduces material and assembly costs.

The SILENOS ground-mounted flat-roof system is complemented by the following range of services: Inverter support walls, assembly, structural analysis (project-specific structural analysis with load assumptions according to Eurocode 1), soil analysis (project-specific soil analysis with determination of pile-driving depth), fence construction and fence gate.



SILENOS ground mounting system product data sheet