Aerodynamic flat roof mounting system for east/west elevation.

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Flat roof mounting system for east-west elevations with 12° inclination.

In this case the TRITON EAST/WEST elevation system is exactly the right one.

The roof can carry static loads?
We recommend an elevation supported by curbstone weights.

The elevation system is installed on a flat pitched roof and aligned to the south?
The mounting of the elevations is possible on our base tracks or directly on attachment elements. Modules can be mounted directly or via our base tracks.

The right system for every flat roof:

10° and 15° south elevations and east-west elevations with 12° inclination.

  • Low load, no roof penetration.
  • Aerodynamically optimized, penetration-free and mounted in no time at all.
  • Suitable for all common large monocrystalline or polycrystalline module types.
  • Suitable for all foil and bitumen roofs, gravel and green roofs as well as sheet metal coverings.
  • Project related statics according to Eurocode 1 (DIN EN 1991-1).
  • Tested in the wind tunnel at the IFI Institute in Aachen.
  • Base track can be used for string cable routing.
  • Module cable trays can easily be installed underneath the modules, ensuring metallurgically shielded cable routing under the complete module field.
  • Optional integration into an existing lightning protection system possible.
    Steel elevation with a high-strength zinc-aluminium-magnesium alloy, resistant to ammonia pollution and salty air near the coast.


Elevations with Weights:

  • Elevations with aluminium L-profiles and T-profiles are supplied pre-assembled and screwed to size.
  • All inclinations can be realized.
  • The bottom support profile is weighted down with standard lawn curbstones.
    Static proof of the required weights is provided for each project individually.
    In the case of the horizontal installation of modules, they can be mounted on 2 supports directly.
  • If the modules are arranged vertically, the modules are attached using the base track TW1-42/45 or the CHRONOS CLICK profile.


Elevations for Pitched Roofs:

  • Elevations with aluminium L-profiles are supplied pre-assembled and screwed to size.
    All inclinations realizable.
  • Mounting on all base tracks with cheese head screws and T-nuts parallel to the track, tilted or crosswise possible.
  • Direct mounting on roof hooks, clamps and hanger bolts possible.
    With crosswise module mounting, the modules can be mounted on the elevations directly.
  • With vertical arrangement of the modules, the modules are attached using the TW1-42/45 base track or the CHRONOS CLICK profile.


TRITON flat roof mounting system product data sheet