Aerodynamic flat roof mounting system

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The TRITON flat roof mounting system is used to mount a photovoltaic system on flat roofs of all types with a pressure-resistant substrate (foil, bitumen, gravel, green or trapezoidal sheet metal roof). The modules are mounted on supports. The mounting system can be realised as an east-west elevation with 12° inclination as well as a south elevation with 12° or 15° inclination.

For roof pitches ≤ 4°, the installation is implemented without roof penetration, only by weighting. For roofs with a pitch of up to 10°, the TRITON flat roof system can be installed with a mechanical anti-slip device. To ensure a low-ballast overall system, the TRITON flat roof system was not only tested for stability in a WtG-approved boundary layer wind tunnel, but also aerodynamically optimised. This means that even roofs with a low load reserve can be used sensibly for photovoltaics.

In addition to these static aspects, the high degree of pre-assembly and the modular system of the aerodynamic TRITON flat roof mounting system should be emphasised. This significantly reduces installation time and costs.

TRITON flat roof mounting system product data sheet