Efficient Standard Mounting System for Pitched Roofs.


The ZELOS track system for PV systems combines the CHRONOS system with the TW1-45 system. The ZELOS profiles, available in lengths of 3.15 m, 5.15 m and 6.15 m, are applicable universally due to their different channels.

The lower channel is used to connect the ZELOS profile with hammerhead screws.

A cross mounting in connection with the new ZELOS cross connectoris ensured by the lateral channels. The upper “CHRONOS” channel not only guarantees the connection with a CHRONOS clamp adapter and a threaded plate, but also a safe and quick installation of the module clamps. The connection between the profiles is achieved by using the new ZELOS track connector, which is attached to the middle channel of the profile for this purpose. Furthermore, the track connectors are used to connect the CHRONOS profiles in case of double-layer use.



Mit verschiedenen Einstell- und Profilanbindungsmöglichkeiten punktet das Zelos-Montagesystem bei der Montage in erster Linie mit der Anpassung an die örtlichen Gegebenheiten. Für die Flexibilität sorgt dabei der variable Dachhaken Zelos ALU VAR sowie das Zelos-Profil mit seinen vielsei6gen Kanälen.