The current Corona Pandemic

Dear customers and business partners,

The current corona pandemic in Europe is changing all our lives and poses great challenges. Our social life is being shaken up and there are significant cuts in our everyday life.

Even business life is not unaffected by this. Small companies in the service sector and in the catering trade are facing considerable losses in turnover and problems. Trade fairs and events are cancelled without exception.

At the beginning of this week, we at T.Werk GmbH developed a pandemic plan to protect the health of our employees and to maintain our business operations. At the moment we can inform you that all core processes are running smoothly and the supply chains are maintained throughout. If anything changes, we will inform you immediately. For the time being, however, we will refrain from business trips and on-site appointments at our premises for the sake of our employees’ health. Of course, you can reach us by phone and e-mail.

In order to maintain this good situation and due to the high workload, we kindly ask you to send us your currently vacant projects in good time, indicating the week of delivery. Only then can we make optimum use of our processes and deliver the goods to you on time.

We as a company bear the responsibility to maintain the economy and business operations. We as a company in the renewable energy sector, as a building block of the energy turnaround, have the responsibility and the task to further promote the expansion of renewable energies, especially in difficult times. We see it as an opportunity and a challenge, especially in difficult economic times, to establish and expand our industry as a sustainable pillar of the German economy. Exert pressure on politics wherever possible and try to convince even more people and companies to build their own power plant. Put more emphasis on increasing self-sufficiency and work on innovative and clever concepts.

Take care of yourself and your fellow men and stay healthy.

With kind regards

Markus Ziegler
Managing Director T.Werk GmbH